Working together towards a better future

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Our commitment

We have long been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Pharmanovia’s business model focuses on sustainable healthcare innovation, by looking at how to reuse and recycle established medicines.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and everyone in Pharmanovia plays an essential role in implementing our ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) strategy; each employee is given an ESG objective as part of their personal development plan and all ESG decisions are underpinned by our ESG governance structure.

We expect the same commitment from our business partners, choosing those partners who operate in an ethical way and share our ESG ethos and our behaviours. Learn more about our ESG strategy by watching the video below:


Protecting the planet

We recognise patient and planetary health are intrinsically linked and as an organisation centred on sustainable healthcare, we are committed to improving our impact on the environment and climate. We are continually striving to find ways that we can protect the planet, with a core focus on conserving energy and minimising waste.

Best-in-class approach to long term sustainability

We have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions throughout our entire value chain by 2030, striving to do our part in tackling the climate emergency. In April 2023 we received formal approval from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for our net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets.

In aligning with the SBTI framework, which defines the best practice for emissions reduction, we have ensured that our targets are in line with the latest climate science.



Improving patient lives while developing our teams

We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging, where they are valued for their individual strengths, thoughts, and opinions. Our talented team of varied backgrounds and experiences work together each day, enhancing patient health.

Providing new career pathways

At the heart of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activities is a focus on social mobility. In 2022 we introduced a new graduate and apprentice programme, providing entry-level talent a unique pathway into the pharmaceutical industry.

SEO Partnership

We’ve partnered with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Ltd (SEO London), a UK-registered charity delivering superior educational, training and mentoring support to young people from under-represented and underserved backgrounds.

Our employees are empowered to drive change

In 2022 we established four ambassador committees. Clean and Green, Better You, Give a little and Do it right.

These teams are made up of employees from across the organisation who are empowered to drive change across our ESG strategy:



Contributing to society

We believe safe and reliable healthcare should be available to all. In 2021, we named HIPZ as our global charity partner, helping to build and improve healthcare infrastructure in Zanzibar and allow the most in-need communities to access essential medicine and treatments.


Recent funding has been used to pay the salary of a monitoring and evaluation coordinator who is responsible for measuring the output and success of the HIPZ team and aligning activities with Ministry of Health requirements. It has also allowed the charity to buy an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine for the Kivunge Hospital’s Cardiology Department.  

Supporting distaster hit and vulnerable communities

In 2022, we began working with International Health Partners (IHP), a global health NGO that supports people in disaster-hit and vulnerable communities to access vital medicines.  During the year we donated inventory to the equivalent of 18,394 treatments of one of our medicines. This donation will support approximately 6,130 people, providing access to vital medicines that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  

Patient health is central to what we do at Pharmanovia

The safety and quality of our products is something all at Pharmanovia take seriously. All employees embark on pharmacovigilance training, ensuring they know how to recognise and report any adverse reactions to our medicines.


EMIG logo

Strong Governance is at the heart of everything we do

We are a proud member of EMIG, the Ethical Medicines Industry Group, a multi-stakeholder network and trade association for life science companies in the UK.  Learn more at

Business Compliance and Ethics

We expect all our colleagues to act with the highest ethical standards and we have developed a regular company-wide comprehensive programme of activity and training to ensure that our team know how to make the right decisions for our organisation – with patients and customers at the centre. We expect the same from business partners and have established a Code of Conduct for business partners to adhere to.

Our Speak Up Hotline is available for anyone to raise concerns if they believe there has been a matter of non-compliance with any laws, regulations or expectations outlined within our Code of Conduct policy. All reports are promptly investigated, without exception.