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We attribute our success to the close partnerships we have formed across the board. We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative approach, and aim to be straightforward, honest and courteous in our dealings.

How we can work together

  • Business development: We work with Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs), specialty pharma and large-cap pharma to develop, co-develop, license and acquire products.
  • Manufacturing: We work with Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) for the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), tolling and packing.
  • Distribution: We work with Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) businesses as well as local specialist distributors and Contract Sales Organisations (CSOs) to distribute, market and promote our products throughout the world.

If you would like to work with us,
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Business Development: bd@pharmanovia.com
Manufacturing: supplychain@pharmanovia.com
Distribution: international@pharmanovia.com

Development & co-development

We develop and co-develop (in conjunction with CDMOs) niche (branded) generic medicines.

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    How we operate


    • We develop our own niche (branded) generic products where we take on the full responsibility for the compilation and submission of the dossier and the maintenance of the Marketing Authorisations (MAs).
    • As well as the manufacturing via our network of Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs) and Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs).
    • Often these products are line extensions of the mature branded products we acquire.


    • We licence MAs for niche (branded) generic products from CDMOs.
    • Or we join them at a late stage of development and collaborate to reach a market-ready product. We take on the responsibility for the regulatory submission and maintenance of the MAs.
    • We agree on the ongoing supply of the products in these markets with the CDMOs.


We license niche patent protected or Orphan Drug Designated (ODD) prescription medicines from speciality pharma.

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    How we operate

    • We licence patent-protected and orphan drugs from speciality pharma.
    • These products can require late stage work (such as clinical studies) or they can be finished products ready for registration.
    • Either we take on the responsibility for the manufacturing…
    • …Or we agree on the ongoing supply of the products in these markets with the licensor.


We acquire “established” or “mature” off-patent branded prescription medicines from large cap and and speciality pharma.

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    How we operate

    We are transition experts: we specialise in the transfer of licences (Marketing Authorisations or MAs) and manufacturing (Technical Transfers or TTs). We have tried-and-tested methodologies and we have built a platform that can absorb and manage on an ongoing basis new acquisitions seamlessly.

    We commit to continue the high-quality manufacturing and management of the iconic brands we acquire. At the same time, we aspire to breathe new life into these iconic brands, investing in them to make them stable and sustainable over the long-term.

    As such, we consider ourselves a trusted and diligent caretaker of the brand into perpetuity.

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