Waves™ Kidney perfusion set

The transportable kidney perfusion system which inherits four decades of experience.

Territories: Nordics


The WAVES is intended to be used for the pulsatile hypothermic machine perfusion of kidneys for preservation, transportation, and eventual transplantation into a recipient.


The WAVES is a transportable, self-contained renal preservation system, designed to support static monitoring and transportation of kidneys. The WAVES system provides controlled pulsatile kidney perfusion using oxygenated hypothermic physiologic solutions, and monitors, displays, trends, and saves important perfusion parameters, including: perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance. The WAVES system can be configured to signal an audio and visual alarm for user-selected limits.

The WAVES is a two-part system comprising a ‘control unit’ for perfusion and monitoring of a single kidney, and a sterile, single-use, disposable ‘cassette module’ used to contain, refrigerate, and circulate perfusate to and through the kidney.


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