RescueFlow® 7.5% sodium chloride and 6% dextran 70

RescueFlow® is a 250 ml solution containing 7.5% sodium chloride and 6% dextran 70.

Territories: Denmark (DK), United Kingdom (UK), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE), Finland (FI)


For initial treatment of hypovolaemia with hypotension induced by traumatic injury.

Product Information

The increase in intravascular volume provided by 250 ml of RescueFlow® has been found to be two to three times the infused volume, similar to the increase in volume resulting from intravenous administration of three litres of crystalloid solution. Treatment benefits have been observed for patients with severe injuries such as penetrating injury requiring surgery and for patients requiring intensive care.

The new concept of Small Volume Resuscitation consists of combining the rapid plasma volume effect of hypertonic saline with a colloid’s water-binding properties.

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