28th February 2022

Pharmanovia announces rebrand of its Benelux business to Pharmanovia Benelux

Pharmanovia officially welcomes Lamepro B.V into the group

Basildon (UK), 28 February 2022 – Pharmanovia, The life cycle management company, announced today that it has completed the final phase of their acquisition of Lamepro which has now been rebranded to Pharmanovia Benelux.

Lamepro was founded in 1980 and through the years developed into an experienced and reliable partner for international pharmaceutical companies due to its dedication and expertise in marketing, sales in and distribution of pharmaceutical products.  Lamepro was acquired in October 2020 by Pharmanovia.

“We are proud to officially welcome Pharmanovia Benelux into our group, and we are excited to see what the future brings as we grow together to reflect our new strategy to improve patient health globally,” comments Dr James Burt, Chief Executive Officer of Pharmanovia. “Our continuous growth and operational efficiency show that we are capable of adapting to these great developments.”

Just van Diemen, General Manager, Pharmanovia Benelux added, “Our rebrand doesn’t mark the completion of our mission, it marks the evolution! A more diversified portfolio can now be offered to our partners with the aim of improving patient experience.  We are extremely proud to be part of such a dynamic company.”

The Pharmanovia brand identity is rolling out across all of Lamepro’s touchpoints and platforms – internal and external, physical, and digital – from today. 

To view the new website visit: pharmanovia-benelux.com


Background information:

Pharmanovia name – “Pharmanovia” was the name of an innovative specialty pharma business, based in Copenhagen and operating throughout the Nordics, that we acquired in 2016. It brings connotations of progress and innovation while retaining authenticity.

Logo – the logo represents impulse and movement, reflecting transformation and progression. It neatly captures the strategy of acquiring original, iconic medicines and breathing new life into them through marketing and promotion as well as line extensions (new strengths, new formulations, new markets).

Chosen colour palette – blue plays an important role, creating a strong appearance that represents a dynamic and confident brand but retains its friendliness. In colour theory, blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky; it symbolises serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom and health.

Enhanced imagery – the imagery tells two stories: one of patients taking part in life again; the other of the agility and commitment of colleagues.

About Pharmanovia – The life cycle management company

Our purpose is to revitalise iconic medicines for the benefit of patients globally.

We provide iconic, tried and trusted medicines in the strategic therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Neurology and Oncology. We own and market a diversified portfolio of long-standing, well-established iconic brands, operate in 140+ markets with over 250 employees and we grow through development, licensing and acquisition. We own some of the world’s most recognisable brands and operate a diverse portfolio of 20+ brands in 140+ markets with over 250 employees. Our growth is through development, licensing and acquisition.

Pharmanovia Benelux – Business Development contact details:

Phone: +31 (0) 76 560 0030
Email:  info.benelux@pharmanovia.com
Website: pharmanovia-benelux.com