2nd August 2021

Pharmanovia Announces Global Charity Partnership with HIPZ

Basildon (UK), 30 July, 2021 – Pharmanovia is proud to announce their first global charity partnership with HIPZ (HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROJECT ZANZIBAR), following their recent rebrand.

Pharmanovia will be leading a range of fundraising activities over the next year, kicking off with a global virtual fundraising challenge to help raise money for this fantastic cause.  Pharmanovia has committed £20,000 in matched funding towards the next event, to demonstrate the company’s commitment in making a substantial impact. 

HIPZ works in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar and supports the management of two district hospitals, serving a population of 350,000 people. The fundraising initiatives will raise money for training health workers in Zanzibar and key equipment needed in rural hospitals.

“We are committed to supporting the effort to provide healthcare to the world’s poorest people and we are very excited to be supporting HIPZ to help tackle existing health disparities in the area. We know that every penny we raise will make a real difference to the healthcare people receive in Zanzibar. All Pharmanovia fundraising activities are created not only for awareness but also to promote, employee engagement, team collaboration and to enhance our teams’ health and wellbeing across the globe”, said Neeshe Williams, Pharmanovia’s General Counsel.

Speaking about the new partnership, Dr Ru MacDonagh, HIPZ’s Chairman and Founder said, “We are incredibly grateful to have been chosen as Pharmanovia’s first global partner. We are a small charity, which means this level of support goes a really long way. The commitment from the company to match fund the first £20,000 of funds raised has blown us all away, and we are looking forward to helping the team to reach and exceed their fundraising targets. We are excited to share the impact of this fundraising with the whole company, and we want to bring some fun, inspiration and positivity into Pharmanovia’s offices in the process.


About HIPZ

HIPZ is a health system strengthening NGO that has been working in Zanzibar since 2007. The charity was founded by the Chairman Dr Ru MacDonagh B.E.M., in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar.

HIPZ believes that every person in Zanzibar should have access to safe health care when they need it.

HIPZ oversees two hospitals, Makunduchi Hospital in the South of Zanzibar’s main island Unguja, and Kivunge Hospital in the North. The hospitals are public facilities funded by the Ministry of Health and they provide free services to the local population. HIPZ provides training to the local hospital staff, oversees improvements to the buildings, systems and infrastructure in the hospitals, and manages the procurement of medical equipment.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of Tanzania.

For more information, please visit: www.hipz.org.uk

HIPZ Press contact:
Jess Price
HIPZ UK Operations and Development Director
07971 242838

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