1st November 2017

Atnahs Launches Traxidot® (Tranexamic Acid) in the Netherlands

Basildon, UK.

Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce the launch of Traxidot® (Tranexamic Acid) 100mg/ml ampoules for injection (5 ampoules of 5ml) in the Netherlands. Tranexamic Acid is used for the reduction of heavy menstrual bleeding.

Amit Patel, Atnahs’ Managing Director, comments,

“Tranexamic Acid is the latest addition to Atnahs’ portfolio of Women’s Health products. Women’s Health remains a strategic therapeutic area for Atnahs.”

About Atnahs

Atnahs is a family-owned specialty pharmaceutical business, focussed upon acquiring mature branded medicines globally, developing line extensions to them, and developing its own niche generic medicines. Atnahs has now completed eight major acquisitions since its inception in 2013, and now operates a portfolio of over 15 key medicines across more than 130 markets.