7th July 2017

Atnahs Launches Clobazam in UK, Iloprost in Portugal and Dropizol® in Denmark

Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”), and its partners Pharmanovia A/S (“Pharmanovia”) and Pharmamentum ApS (“Pharmamentum”), are pleased to announce the launch of:

  • Clobazam in the UK: Clobazam 5mg/5ml oral suspension is for the short-term relief only of anxiety that is severe or disabling, occurring alone or in association with insomnia or short term psychotic illness.
  • Iloprost in Portugal: Iloprost 50mcg/0.5ml ampoules is for the treatment of advanced thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger’s Disease), with severe circulation disturbances, in cases where revascularization is not indicated.
  • Dropizol® in Denmark: Dropizol® 10mg/1ml oral drops is for the treatment of severe diarrhoea.

Dipen Patel, Head of NPD at Atnahs, says,

“Clobazam is the first medicine that we have successfully developed from scratch and launched in Atnahs. We see this as an important proof of concept for us. I’d like to offer my congratulations and thanks to all of our NPD (New Product Development) team here in Basildon. We’re now focusing on the successful commercialisation of the medicine.”

Svend Johansen, Managing Director of Pharmanovia and Pharmamentum, adds,

“We are delighted with the launch of Iloprost in Portugal by Pharmamentum and Dropizol® in Denmark by Pharmanovia. We have huge confidence in both medicines and high hopes for their commercial potential as we seek to launch them in additional markets.”

About Atnahs

Atnahs is a family-owned specialty pharmaceutical business, focussed upon acquiring mature branded medicines globally, developing line extensions to them, and developing its own niche generic medicines. Atnahs has now completed eight major acquisitions since its inception in 2013, and now operates a portfolio of over 15 key medicines across more than 130 markets.