28th February 2018

Atnahs Acquires Remaining Stake in Pharmanovia A/S in Denmark

Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the remaining share capital of Pharmanovia A/S (“Pharmanovia”).

Pharmanovia focuses upon developing and marketing niche pharmaceutical products and medical devices in the Nordics and beyond.

Notably, it is in the process a launching Dropizol® (opium oral drops for the treatment of severe diarrhoea – especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and a generic version of Iloprost (ampoules for Injection for the treatment of advanced thromboangiitis obliterans with severe circulation disturbances) across Europe.

Amit Patel, Atnahs’ Managing Director, comments,

“The acquisition of the remaining stake in Pharmanovia enables us to support Pharmanovia more fully in the launches of Dropziol® and Iloprost. We are tremendously excited about these two products, and the benefits they offer to patients and healthcare providers alike. The acquisition reflects our stated strategy of acquiring and developing medicines in parallel, and using the cash flows from one to support the other synergistically.”

Svend Johansen, Pharmanovia’s Managing Director, further comments,

“We are really pleased to deepen our relationship with Atnahs. Becoming one seamless business allows us to accelerate the launches of Dropizol® and Iloprost, to such extent which will make the products available to much more patients worldwide, which would not have been possible without Atnahs’ 100% dedicated involvement.”

About Atnahs

Atnahs is a family-owned specialty pharmaceutical business, focussed upon acquiring mature branded medicines globally, developing line extensions to them, and developing its own niche generic medicines. Atnahs has now completed eight major acquisitions since its inception in 2013, and now operates a portfolio of over 15 key medicines across more than 130 markets.