In 2020, ATNAHS added Inderal (propranolol) to their portfolio of heritage brands

Another former blockbuster brand was acquired by ATNAHS in 2020. This time the global marketing and distribution rights (excluding China, India, Japan and US) to Inderal (propranolol) from AstraZeneca.

Inderal is indicated for the treatment of a number of cardiovascular and other conditions including (but not exclusively) angina pectoris, hypertension, essential tremor, cardiac arrythmias, and migraine.1

History and development of Inderal (propranolol)

Molecular diagram

Inderal, a beta blocker, is the best-known brand name of the molecule propranolol – the global blockbuster drug that was originally developed by ICI in the 1960s.2

Like many innovations of that famous decade, propranolol has not only stood the test of time, but is now licensed to treat a wide variety of conditions from hypertension to migraine.3

Image of Sir James Whyte Black

The development of the propranolol molecule led by Sir James Whyte Black, a senior pharmacologist at ICI, revolutionised the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and was subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988.4

Network of lights over the globe

A truly global brand

Today Inderal (propranolol) is renowned around the world for its impact not only on traditional cardiovascular conditions like angina, but also hypertension, essential tremor, cardiac arrythmias, and migraine.2 Propranolol is also on the WHO list of essential drugs.5

US propranolol market valued at nearly $200 million in 20066

In the UK, the propranolol market value was estimated at £28.7 million in 2019.8

17 million US prescriptions for propranolol in 20188

In the UK, there were 5.7 million prescriptions recorded for propranolol in 2019.7


All of the information presented above is factual historical information that is available in the public domain and is included in good faith. It is not the intention to make any new or fresh claims nor to be promotional for the product in question.


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